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iLondon 2012, brings all the information of the London Olympic Games of 2012 directly on your Apple device, and in your preferred language, the application supports the following languages: English, French, German, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish, in addition to being a universal application, it support the iPad and the iPhone / iPod Touch for only $ 0.99. Watch the short trailer that shows the application features.

The application brings the rank medals, which is updated several times daily during the Olympics, without this always need an Internet connection to consult it, the application is updating whenever there is a connection to the Internet and data are available offline, also has the possibility to consult the list of all the medals by country, with the names of athletes / modalities received every medal.

In the game schedule are displayed all the events from the Olympics highlighting the events of medals. The schedules are presented in the time zone in London or in your time zone according to the user’s choice. For each event you can add a reminder to be triggered at the time of the event.

In the list of sports, are listed all the modalities that will be played during the Olympics Games of 2012. Selecting a sport you can see the details of this modality, as the number of athletes, medals, dates and where will be played.

The application also brings all the news of the event’s official website, allowing you to monitor and consult on the application.

For more information or suggestions for improvements please contact us by e-mail:

iLondon 2012 - LM Solutions

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