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How many times you forget someone’s name during the meeting or lost the contact information after the meeting?

The Metting Map comes to solve this problem, with it you see the position of each participant at the table and may include their contact information sending all this information by e-mail at any time directly from the application. For only $ 0.99. Watch the trailer of the application available on youtube:

The application allows you to select the number of participants in the meetingbesides you, allowing to include from 1 to 12 people.

On this screen just select the participant to inform the data and select the sex of the participant and all the information you want to keep (Display Name, Name,Company, e-mail and Telephone).

At any moment you can add or remove participants of the meeting, simply select the button ”Edit” and inform the new number of participants.

During the entire meeting, you can check the names of participants, simply view the relative position of him on the screen. Besides e-mail the information and mapof participants in the meeting.

The button ”Clear” allows that all registered data are deleted.

For more information or suggestions send us a e-mail: contact@lmsolutionsapp.com

Meeting Map - LM Solutions

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