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Amazing pop-art photos in 3 steps.

Create artistic photographic effects unavailable in similar apps. Starting from a newly shot or a saved photo, you can choose from effects such as: tube-style color TV, grainy newspaper photo, pop art diagonal pixels, or pop art square pixels. The color, background, and intensity of each effect are user-selectable, and edited photos can be saved and shared.

To create a Photoca is very simple, it takes only 3 steps:

  1. Select a photo from your photo album or take a picture with the camera of your device;
  1. Set the Photoca effect for your photo;
  1. Share your Photoca on Facebook, Twitter, email or save to your photo album.

With the same photo you can create many differents Photocas, defining the type of effect, intensity and color.


* Select or shoot a photo, choose an effect, and save or share the new photograph
* Save finished photos to the Photo Library, or share on Facebook, Twitter and email
* Create unusual, artistic photos through advanced digital image processing
* Complete control over pixel density, primary color, background color, and intensity

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